Latest Fines from the Home Office

Here are the latest number of penalties, the number of illegal workers found, and the value of the penalties issued between 1 January and 31 March...

Avoid a £20k Civil Penalty

All business owners in the UK are at risk of a £20,000 civil penalty if they have not checked ID documents of employees fully. Passport Proven offer an instant document checking service which offers advice and instant reports which form part of the employer’s...

British Passports Being ‘Sold On Dark Web’ for £750

British passports are being bought on the “dark web” by terrorists for as little as £750, Europol has warned. Rob Wainwright, who heads the EU police agency, said the hidden part of the internet was being exploited by terrorists, Mail Online reported. Mr Wainwright...

12 Reasons to Use Passport Proven

Here’s just a few reasons why you’ll love Passport Proven as your document verification tool: No upfront costs and then low cost per check Online system – can be used anywhere with an Internet connection Option for manual data entry or image upload Immediate response...

Documents for Right to License Check

A driver (taxi or private hire) must provide the original documents and photocopies cannot be accepted. Where the holder of a licence breaches immigration laws, this will be grounds to review, suspend or revoke a licence.  If immigration permission is cut short, the...

Government to Crack Down on Passport Fraud

Students and young people are being urged to leave their passports at home when socialising on nights out in a new drive to prevent identity fraud. Those who use the highly valuable travel document as a form of age identification at bars and clubs are at risk of it...


Conduct cost effective identity document validation checks demonstrating compliance for right to work and right to rent purposes.

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