Document Verification Made Easy

Passport Proven is a secure cloud based software which can be accessed across mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Instant Document Checking

Passport Proven provides clients with the ability to carry out an instant check that allows verification of passports, Biometric Resident Permits (BRPs) and Identity Cards.  This service is particularly useful to employers, University admissions staff, landlords, estate agents and fraud prevention specialists.

Instant Reports

Passport Proven provides users with a report that can be downloaded and included in their records.  Each report is time and date stamped.  Quick and easy to use, Passport Proven is a valuable identity document validation tool for protecting organisations across all geographical locations and connections.

Specialist Checks

Not all documents are the same! So if a document fails our automated check it can be uploaded to our specialist document examiners who will review it and provide further insight – this is invaluable for those non standard documents which don’t meet the recognised standard.  These are included with Passport Proven.


Not all Visas are the same.  Many can be checked using Passport Proven but some, which do not conform to the international standard will require checking by one of our document verification experts.  In such cases we offer a  specialist service to ensure your documents are thoroughly checked.  Please contact us for more details.

Work from Anywhere

Secure, Cloud Based

Passport Proven is an online document verification tool used
for right to work, right to rent and other identity document checks.

Trusted by Professionals

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