New Romanian ID Card Coming

It is reported that Romania is to issue electronic ID cards from 2021 under new legislation recently forwarded by president Klaus Iohannis. The ID cards will be issued at birth, at the request of the parents, and can be valid for two, four, or ten years, depending on the holder’s age.

Currently ID cards are issued when the holder turns 14.

Children aged up to 14 years can receive a regular or an electronic ID card valid for two years, while those aged between 14 and 18 will receive ID cards valid for four years. Adults, those older than 18, will receive an ID card that is valid for ten years.

The electronic ID card will include the holder’s name, gender, citizenship, date, and place of birth, portrait photo, personal identification number, residence address, and parents’ names. It will also include the holder’s biometric data, such as the portrait photo and the image of two fingerprints.

The card is expected to be similar in appearance to the current issue.

Romania is obliged to issue the electronic identity card by August 2021, according to the EU regulations.

Aug 3, 2020

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