How to Detect Forged Documents with the Use of Technology

Very often, on our document verification training we are asked how to detect forged documents.  It is a well-known fact that illegal migrants and criminals have been using fake identity documents to obtain work, rent properties, obtain SIA licences and to gain Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) certificates by endeavouring to conceal their true past. Attempting to conceal a criminal history may lead to individuals who are barred from working with the vulnerable obtaining a clearance by fraudulent means potentially putting vulnerable people at risk. Learning how to detect forged documents is one way, but another way is to use technology and online document verification tools.

How to Detect Forged Documents with Technology

Sophisticated computer and printing systems are widely available so it should come as no surprise that very believable identity documents and digital devices can easily be produced presenting challenges to those who have to differentiate between genuine and false documents.

Those organisations who normally carry out “identity checks” do so for right to work, right to rent or some other lawful purpose. Usually this is done by carrying out a manual inspection of documents such as passports and identity cards. These checks are often conducted by staff that are largely untrained and who have little knowledge of counterfeits and forgeries and therefore they are unlikely to spot a “professionally” forged or counterfeit document. The knock-on effect may be a civil penalty for their employer or worse still a paedophile gaining access to children by the undetected use of fraudulent documents.

Passport Proven is an identity document validation service that is cheap to use and provides virtually instant results that enables staff to make the right decisions on identity. Such systems now have the support of the Home Office which has recognised their value to companies in an ever-complex digital world. The benefits to industry are that staff no longer have to rely on the untrained human eye and gut feelings to establish identity. Passport Proven allows staff to make a quick and reliable check enabling them to make the right decisions. Our technology is designed to quickly and easily help users to confirm the authenticity of documents such as Passports, Identity Cards, Visas and Biometric Residence Permits.

As it is a software product it is particularly useful to multi sited organisations. No additional equipment is required just a computer system, scanner and printer all tools that are normally found in any office. Clients who use Passport Proven have found that it plays a vital role in preventing the use of fake documents and helps to confirm the identity of the individual being checked.

Another advantage is that the use of Passport Proven saves time and money as decisions are made in seconds and the risk of employing an illegal immigrant is greatly reduced, as is the risk of a penalty being levied against the company with the subsequent damage being caused to that company’s reputation.

Those clients who use Passport Proven for KYC and AML purposes know that it plays an important part in reducing the risk of fraud and helps to confirm the identity of their clients.

Using Passport Proven reduces human error and provides higher levels of confidence regarding the identity of those they employ, rent property to or otherwise conduct business with.

If you do not believe us just ask our clients.

Oct 21, 2019

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