Have You Thought About Identity Document Verification Training?

Identity documents have been around for centuries, but only in the late 20th century have they been needed to be produced for right to work purposes. This has ultimately led to an increase in the proliferation of those documents by criminal gangs trafficking people into Western Europe including the UK. In an effort to stem illegal migration the UK Government turned to a legal mechanism of inflicting heavy penalties and those organisations who fail to ensure compliance with Right to Work, Right to Rent, and anti-money laundering legislation.

The complex nature of identity document means that those staff charged with ensuring are often unsure of what they are looking at as they endeavour to verify the efficacy of an identity document.

Identity Document Verification is the process that decision makers use to check a document provided by an applicant for Right to Work or Right to Rent, Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering purposes is genuine.

In an endeavour to provide assistance to staff we provide specialised training courses in Identity Document Verification. These can be run at your company offices or a venue of your choosing, and we can train groups of different sizes up to twenty. Our trainers come from law enforcement backgrounds and have years of experience in their fields.

The training we deliver in our Document Verification Workshops covers verification of travel documents, which are the documents that help establish identity and nationality and supporting documents often know as breeder documents.

If you are required to check and verify identity documents as part of your work read the questions below and if you do not know any of the answers one of our workshops mat be right for you.

• What have all identity documents got in common?
• Did you know what the simplest form of passport fraud is?
• Do you know the difference between a counterfeit and a forgery?
• Do you know what the security features are in identity documents and how to check them?
• What is a camouflage passport?
• Did you know that the Internet is not only a blessing but also a curse, find out why?

If you attend one of our identity document verification workshops you will learn the answers to all this and much more. Our workshops are aimed at those who have the need to check identity travel documents for Right to Work, Right to Rent, Know Your Client and Anti Money Laundering purposes.

In our Identity Document Verification workshop, you will learn about the cause of the proliferation of counterfeit and forged identity documents and topics such as the identity issue, the security features of Passports, Visas, Biometric Residence Permits, Identity Cards and so-called breeder documents. Methods of forgery frequently used by criminals intending to deceive the unwary.

Our identity document verification training is designed to give you the skills to protect your employer from heavy financial penalties and exposure to reputational risk.

We can deliver our workshops in person on your site provided we can socially distance, or via video conferencing.

We know that fraudsters continually evolve and use the technology that is available to them to create fake IDs. It is a constant battle of cat and mouse. We know how difficult this can be for our clients when verifying a document, after all it is our business! If you are finding this difficult too, contact us for training in document verification and solutions to help make validation easier.

A typical workshop will cover the following topics:

• Identity and identity fraud.
• Imposters and look a likes, techniques that can be used to spot them.
• The security features of documents – passports, visas, birth certificates and supporting documents, in detail.
• Methods of counterfeiting & forgery and the difference between them.
• Identify document irregularities and what action to take when you find them.
• Examples of fraudulent documents both counterfeit and forged.
• Fantasy documents & camouflage passports.
• How to deal with suspicious documents.
• The benefits of using ultraviolet light and magnifiers.
• Reference material and how to use it.
• The problems of the Internet.


“Great speaker, really enjoyed the session.”
“Extremely knowledgeable in all areas.”
“Excellent & clear.”
“Great speaker, really enjoyed the session.”
“Really happy I came on the course; I learnt a lot!”
“Very informative, knowledgeable presenter.”
“Useful content – Paul was great!”

Nov 27, 2020

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