Identity Document Verification Software

Passport Proven was the first online identity document verification software.  Immigration legislation imposes exacting standards on both employers and landlords and their agents to provide proof of Right to Work and Right to Rent.  The process inevitably involves staff having to check a variety of acceptable documents in an endeavour to prove their prospective employees or tenants have the necessary permissions to live and work in the UK.

In recent years the influx of illegal migrants into the UK has risen sharply and as these individuals usually have no identity documents of their own, they resort to the criminal gangs to provide them with documents in an endeavour to legitimise themselves.  The widespread use of counterfeit and forged documents has reached epidemic proportions and those checking documents are often confused by the documents that are presented to them and can be easily fooled.

Passport Proven is an online identity document verification software which provides clients with a tool that can quickly and easily help them identify suspect documents which might otherwise be accepted if only manual checks are employed.

Passport Proven has been designed by practitioners for practitioners and is particularly of use to multi-site organisations.  No specialist knowledge is needed to use the software and no special equipment is required. Once an image has been taken of a document it can be quickly uploaded into the software, checked and validated and the client provided with a time and date stamped report, all within seconds thus providing a client with evidence to help demonstrate the statutory excuse.

Passport Proven will assist clients to establish the authenticity of documents presented for identity verification purposes, including:

  • Passports
  • Biometric Residence Permits
  • Identity Cards
  • Visas

Providing those documents conform to the international standard.  For those documents that do not conform to the standard these can be submitted via a support ticket system and checked by our experts.

Passport Proven plays a vital role in preventing the use of fraudulent documents and provides a high level of accuracy than mere manual checking by staff who are not used to different forms of identity documents.

Passport Proven is a software platform that is easy to use by anyone wishing to verify a document being used for;

  • Obtaining employment – as part of a Right to Work check.
  • Renting accommodation – as part of a Right to Rent check
  • Checks on those wishing to work in vulnerable sectors – supporting DBS checks
  • As a part of KYC or AML procedures
  • Applying for public services

And many other circumstances when identity documents are required to be checked.

Companies are switching to Passport Proven because we have great experience in matters relating to immigration law and document fraud. Our online document verification software is accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet devices and you do not require any additional hardware.

Jul 19, 2019

Online Document Verification You Can Depend On