Right to Work Checks Update

UKVI initially stated that only accredited organisations will be able to offer this service from September; however, it may take around two years to become accredited and therefore they have backtracked and stated non-accredited companies can provide the service provided the employer is confident in the product. Therefore, Passport Proven can, and will, continue to operate in the same manner whilst we investigate becoming an accredited organisation.

You will no doubt be aware of recent UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) changes in the way right to work checks are made. There are now three methods of obtaining the statutory excuse, which is detailed below; the first two are an ‘either/ or situation and method 3 is optional but could be useful in certain circumstances.

Method 1: Manual Right to Work Checks

This is used where you check, in person, a document featured on List A or List B of the UKVI guidance. These are the types of checks we have been making for many years and is where Passport Proven continues to be a useful tool to help. We also continue to offer further help including checking non-standard documents and immigration advice through our affiliation with a regulated Immigration Advisor.

Method 2: Online Right to Work Checks

From 6 April 2022, there is a requirement to check these with an ‘e-visa’ and those who hold a BRP directly with UKVI. This is done with a share code obtained from the employee and through logging in to the ‘View and Prove’ part of the UKVI website. An employer will only have the statutory excuse using method 2 if they download and check the paperwork through the share code system from UKVI. Checking BRPs through Passport Proven is still possible to verify it as genuine.

Method 3: Use of an IDVT Provider

Added into the mix is the possibility of using a third party to make right to work checks, but this only applies to valid British and Irish passports and requires the provider to be confident the document belongs to the right person. Facial recognition (or face-to-face checks) will need to be conducted by the provider and, UKVI makes it a requirement that the employer is sure the check relates to the person employed. I.E. you will need to check the check against your employee!

We look forward to continuing to support your right to work compliance. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jun 7, 2022

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