Switching to Passport Proven

Following a UKVI ‘raid’ which identified a number of illegal workers who had obtained employment by using fake documentation, our client decided to introduce a document verification system. As a multi sited business with a high turnover of staff in low skilled work, they were looking for a cost effective solution which could be rapidly implemented across the business. They were looking for a system which is easy to learn, provides rapid results and is built to establish the statutory excuse.

The company evaluated a number of options before settling on Passport Proven. Their rationale being the rapid implementation of a web based process using IT that is already familiar to most users. The advantage of Passport Proven is the easy process, which leads clients through the relevant steps to establish the statutory excuse. Each check takes just moments to complete, yet leaves the user with a time and date stamped report for inclusion within a personnel file.

As an additional benefit, and by implementing Passport Proven across all sites, the company can now easily demonstrate the UKVI requirement to have ‘thorough and consistent’ checks in place. However, for this client, the ultimate reason for choosing Passport Proven is the ongoing support service. In addition to the day to day checks, we work with the client to ensure staff are fully trained in their responsibilities both within the company and to UKVI. We support the checking of unusual documents through an in built ticketing function. The team behind Passport Proven includes former UKVI and law enforcement personnel, thus meaning the immigration knowledge of the Passport Proven team far outstrips most document verification system providers.

The ultimate goal of this client is for confidence that they can quickly and easily establish the statutory excuse and that they they are protected from illegal working fines. Passport Proven is the perfect tool for this.

Jul 13, 2019

Online Document Verification You Can Depend On