Checking a job applicant’s Right to Work is a task that employers have had to undertake for many years. Indeed, all employers have a legal obligation to check that prospective employees have a Right to Work in the UK before they allow them to start work. Every prospective employee must be checked regardless of nationality, length of contract or the position they will hold.

A check must be undertaken before a job applicant is allowed to start work. Employers must check, in the presence of the applicant, that the documents are valid and that any photographs within the document look like the holder. The time and date of the check has to be recorded to show when the check was made. Copies of the documents must be made and kept for at least two years after employment ends.

Failure to comply with Right to Work requirements could make an employer liable for a Civil Penalty of up to £20.000 per illegal worker and in some cases imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Without thorough and reliable identity checks, employers are putting their business at risk by employing those who have no right to work in the UK. This is where Passport Proven can help.

Whether you make high-volume checks on the move or from multiple sites, or simply from a static base, Passport Proven can support your need to correctly validate identity documents, helping protect your business from identity fraud.

As an Identity Document Validation System, Passport Proven captures images and data from a passport, BRP, Visa or identity card via a scanner or mobile device, Passport Proven then processes and cross-references the information to determine whether the document is valid.

As a web based application, Passport Proven is instantly familiar to anyone used to using the internet; it is cost effective to launch across all business and does not require the purchase of any additional hardware making it particularly good value for a business with more than one site.  As long as an internet connection is available Passport Proven can be used at any time of the day or night.

Our time and date stamped PDF reports are fully compliant with UKVI requirements for demonstrating the statutory excuse. In most cases these results are provided instantaneously. You also have the option for uploading an image of a non-standard document for checking by our experts.  All of this gives you a significant saving in both time and administration whilst maintain the highest levels of integrity with your right to work compliance.


Conduct cost effective identity document validation checks demonstrating compliance for right to work and right to rent purposes.

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