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The legislation around preventing illegal working in the UK can be quite onerous, particularly if left to untrained staff to carry out. Listed below are some of the points that must be covered in relation to the prospective employee and their documents. All the relevant topics are covered in our Right to Work training package which dove tails with this.

All employers in the UK are required by law to assist in preventing illegal working. This they must do by conducting simple checks before a prospective employee starts work in order to ensure the individual is not disqualified from carrying out that work by reason of their immigration status.

The law is set out in sections 15 to 25 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006 (the 2006 Act), section24B of the Immigration Act 1971, and Schedule 6 of the Immigration Act 2016.

1) Employers must obtain original documents from either List A or List B of the lists of “Acceptable Documents.”

2) They must check that the documents are genuine.

3) That the person presenting them is your prospective employee.

4) That the photographs and dates of birth are consistent across all documents that are produced and match the person’s appearance

5) That the documents are genuine and have not been tampered with and belong to the holder.

6) When checking the validity of the documents, this must be carried out in the presence of the holder. This can be a physical presence in person or via a live video link. In both cases the employer must be in physical possession of the original documents.

Having to comply with the Immigration Rules, can find an untrained member of staff in a stressful situation.

Passport Proven trainers have been providing training to employer’s staff who are required to carry out these checks for over 20 years. Thereby indirectly assisting employers in obtaining the statutory excuse needed to prevent the imposition of civil penalties. Passport Proven’s trainers are from law enforcement backgrounds, Police or Immigration Service. The quality of the training provided is second to none but don’t just take our work for it look at our testimonials.

Most employers know that having staff trained to perform their role helps to improve their morale, improves job satisfaction and ultimately retention.

Training is a significant tool for employee development and has assumed great importance when considered in compliance with the Immigration Rules particularly around the checking of identity documents. Should you expect an employee tasked with carrying out Right to Work or Right to Rent checks to know what to do without proper training?

Why Invest in Document Verification Training?

The importance/benefits of having your staff trained to perform the Right to Work or Right to Rent checks and in particular the verification of identity documents are as follows:

  • Employees will have the appropriate skills to perform the necessary checks.
  • Employers will have confidence that the checks are being carried out correctly.
  • Staff will be less susceptible to deception.
  • Document verification checking can be stressful due to the uncomfortable nature of questioning an individual’s identity; training will better equip staff to deal with this.
  • Trained employees are more likely to get the process right thus protecting the company from penalties and embarrassment.

Our Document Verification workshop, which we believe to be unique, uses a lot of visual examples in the form of a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation. This workshop will equip delegates with the knowledge needed to help protect your reputation by correctly identifying those individuals who could be employed by you subject to your other recruitment requirements.

Passport Proven are now offering training by Video Conferencing. This may prove cost effective for those employers with a small number of staff needing to be trained. The nature of Video Conferencing means we cannot provide the practical element of our face to face training, otherwise the content is the same throughout our Document Verification workshops which is as follows:


  • Identity and identity fraud.
  • Imposters and look-a-likes, techniques that can be used to spot them
  • Training on the security features of documents – passports, visas, driving licences. birth certificates and supporting documents, in detail.
  • Document security features.
  • Common scams to be aware of.
  • Methods of counterfeiting & forgery and the difference between them.
  • Identify document irregularities and what action to take when you do.
  • Fantasy documents & camouflage passports.
  • How to deal with suspicious documents.
  • Examples of fraudulent documents both counterfeit and forged.
  • The benefits of using ultraviolet light and magnifiers. (*excluding training by video conferencing).
  • Practical exercises involving real documents. (*excluding training by video conferencing)
  • Reference material and how to use it.
  • The problems of the Internet.

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