Assisting in E-Commerce

An E-Commerce company called us in to upskill their workforce in document verification techniques – and what great value it turned out to be! Within a week they had found their first fraudster and were confidently able to handle the situation thanks to our training.

Paul, one of our experienced trainers and document verification experts, delivered an in house course to a small number of staff at this business. It included how to check an identity document, checking security features, looking for signs of counterfeiting and forgery also checking for “look-a-likes” using someone else’s documents.

It was this latter section which proved most valuable when, at interview, a candidate presented a genuine passport, but one which did not really belong to him. Remembering our training, the recruiter applied the techniques learned and realised the candidate was an imposter. Thanks to the training, the recruiter was able to deal with the situation safely and efficiently by utilising the knowledge and skill gained in our practical workshop.

Not only did this prevent a fraudster gaining employment, it potentially saved an illegal working fine of up to £20,000. It just shows – a small investment in training can pay for itself very quickly.

Jul 11, 2019

Online Document Verification You Can Depend On