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Enhance your document checks with additional items

Ultraviolet Lights


Low cost hand held UV lamp

A convenient hand-held 4 watt UV lamp with a white torch. The UV-500 is very useful for field checks of documents, identifying marked property and for checking the authenticity of currency. In addition to the normal checks of security safeguards with the UV lamp, the white torch light can be used to check transmissive security safeguards such as watermarks and security threads.

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Pocket fraud detector

A pocket size UV lamp which is useful for checking currency, marked property and documents. The small size of the UV-300 makes it very convenient to carry in a handbag or coat pocket.

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Stand Loupe

A useful stand magnifier for the close up inspection of suspect documents. A removable graduated reticule allows the checking of the size of printed features and typeface sizes.
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Eye Loupe

A jewellers eye loupe useful for hands-free examination of details on documents. It can be particularly helpful when the edges of passport pages require examination where photograph substitution by page slitting is suspected.
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A large linen tester with magnification of 3.5X which folds so that it can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag. The FD-50 has a high quality glass lens for distortion free magnification and engraved scales in inches and millimetres for the measurement of document features.
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A small linen tester with a higher magnification than the FD-50. Folds flat for easy transport and has engraved scales in inches and millimetres for the measurement of document features.
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A handy pocket magnifier with a sliding cover for lens protection. The HM-66 has LED illumination for use in poorly lit areas which automatically switches on when the lens is uncovered.
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A 75mm circular hand magnifying glass with an acrylic lens and two magnifying powers. The larger area has a magnification of 3X and a smaller 20m area has a magnification of 6X.
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