February 2016, saw the Right to Rent legislation come onto the statute books in the UK. This has meant that all landlords and letting agents in England must check the immigration status of adult tenants to establish that they have a right to rent a property. Landlords and Agents must check and be satisfied of the identity of every tenant. Passport Proven has proved to be a useful tool in the process and is available to all landlords and estate agents who wish to strengthen their processes thus reducing the risk of a penalty fine. This is a new and emerging area and our audit work suggests that most landlords and agents do not get this right; most are yet to fully understand the importance of the checks and the implications of getting it wrong. We at Passport Proven understand the rules and can help implement compliant procedures without unduly burdening the landlord or agent with unnecessary bureacracy.


Conduct cost effective identity document validation checks demonstrating compliance for right to work and right to rent purposes.

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