Online Document Checking Service

Passport Proven is an online, cloud based document checking service that provides instant downloadable reports

Passport Proven Features


Instant Document Checks

Passport Proven provides clients with the ability to carry out an instant check that allows verification of passports, Bio Metric Resident Permits (BRPs) and Identity Cards. This service is particularly useful to employers, University admissions staff, landlords, estate agents and fraud prevention specialists.



Instant Reports

Passport Proven provides users with a report that can be downloaded and included in their records.  Each report is time and date stamped.  Quick and easy to use, Passport Proven is a valuable tool for protecting organisations.

Specialist Checks

Instances may occur when a document fails Passport Proven’s automated check In such cases a member of staff experienced in recognising signs of counterfeiting or forgery can examine the document and provide a report.

Additional Services



Visas differ greatly from country to country and Passport Proven may not always be able to give an accurate report. In such cases a member of staff experienced in document checking.


We provide training in immigration law and the verification of documents enabling clients to comply with their obligations under current legislation. For more information on this valuable service please visit our training page.



We audit client’s records to ensure compliance with existing legislation. Our consultants are experienced Immigration specialists with a proven track record and are regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner.




We operate a scalable pricing mechanism for our clients. The cost of an individual check will depend upon the amount of checks that are conducted per annum.